Women's Houppelande - Gold Brocade - Size 14

Women's Houppelande - Gold Brocade - Size 14

  • $350.00

Houppelandes were the height of the early to mid 15th Century.  They used a large amount of fabric and were very full, pulled in by a high belt, worn just under the bust.  The sleeves ranged from loose sleeves, to open sleeves that trailed on the floor, often with a dagged edge.

This houppelande, in a rich deep gold brocade, is based on the gowns seen in the 2nd quarter of the 15th Century.  The sleeves are lined with an brown linen,  a conservative bell design, and reach just about to the knees.  This beautiful gown will fit up to a  size 14.  (I'm a size 16, in the pictures)

The neck is fastened with a quadrefoil annular bronze clasp fastened through two handstitched buttonholes.

This gown does not come with a belt, but if you are looking for reproduction pieces, you can find  Belt Ends and  Belt Mounts and more at  Armour and Castings. (opens new tab)   Another good option is  Raymond's Quiet Press.

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