Barb's Garb

I am an SCA reenactor merchant. I live in Northeastern Arizona.  I can be found regularly at Gulf Wars, Pennsic Wars, and smaller wars such as  War of the Rams (South TX and AR).

I joined the SCA in 1995 when my Renaissance Music group started being sponsored by the University's SCA club.  I started merchanting in 2003, after being disgusted by available 'period' clothing at my local events.  I'm known within the SCA as Lady Barbara Santangelo da Vignola.

I work primarily in linen for the line of Anglo-Saxon tunics for the family, and from linen to some of the most expensive Sartor reproduction fabrics for my line of reproduction gowns.

This website is hard to keep updated with the most recent stock.  Contact me for current stock items, if the available items don't suit your needs. Everything can be ordered custom made.  For unlisted custom work, or with questions, feel free to email us.

The background on this website is a scan of a discontinued Sartor brocade.

Barbara Santangelo
Barb's Garb