Custom Bliaut

Custom Bliaut

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A 12th Century gown commonly worn through Europe and into the Crusader States.  This gown is widely featured on the statuary of Chartres Cathedral, started in the 1140's and completed in 1220.

With a fitted body, and large flared sleeves, this dress makes a statement.  Typically made from a type of silk no longer easily available, I usually make this gown in linen.  It can also be ordered in a slubless shantung silk.

This gown  has gores at the sides and back, matching the lining of the sleeves.  The sleeves are edged in a geometric trim.  Laced to the hip, the gore continues up the side of the gown under the lacing, creating a panel hat allows the gown to be let out by at least 6".  This makes this a very versatile gown.  It has been worn through a pregnancy without any issues.

This comes with an Anglo-Saxon style Underdress.

There are available coordinating handwoven belts.  (+$50), and handwoven lacing ($20).

Sizes from 2X and above have a $50 fabric surcharge.

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