Custom Florentine Gamurra

Custom Florentine Gamurra

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This Florentine Gamurra is based off the paintings of Domenico Ghirlandaio from 1480-1490.  The plain square-necked gown was unique to Florence, while Milan had a square neck with decorative work around the neckline, and Venice had a scoop necked gown.

The most basic italian gown is a bodice with a straight skirt pleated in and laced down the sides or front.  They wore either matching or contrasting fitted sleeves, slashed to poof the chemise through.  Fabrics ranged from the basic solids to fancy brocades.  

I offer everything from a basic sleeveless linen 'working' gown, to a brocaded formal gown, with matching sleeves, and decorative lacing rings down the front.  Use the options above to design your custom gamurra.

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