I try to keep my sizing as standard as possible.

Men's Sizing is based off of a standard t-shirt size, with everything above 2X adding 6 inches to the chest measurement at each stage, so 3X has 6 more inches than 2X, and 4X has 12 more inches than 2X, and 6 more than 3X.

Women's sizes are based off of a standardized sizing chart.  I work to the higher end of the measurements, and be aware that most items flair out above the hip, giving ample space.

    S is 4-6, with a 34/35" bust, 26/27" waist, and 36.5/37.5" hip

    M is 8/10 with a 36/37" bust, 28/29" waist, and 38.5/39.5" hip

    L is 12/14 with a 39/40" bust, 31/32" waist, and 42/43" hip

    XL is 16/18 with a 42/43" bust, 34/35" waist. and 45/46" hip

    2X is 18W/20W with a 46/48" bust, 39/41" waist, and 48/50" hip

    3X is 22W/24W with a 50/52" bust, 43/45" waist, and 52/54" hip

Children's sizing is also standardized






I am happy to make custom items with specialty sizing according to your needs.